Knowledge Hub by JPDS is on a mission to

Build Top

Knowledge Hub is a place dedicated to creating and exchanging interdisciplinary research-based knowledge and processes that advance scholarship, solve societal problems , and accelerate development . It supports learning and learners.

We are committed to building top scholars through periodic seminars, mentoring and valuable rescources.

our core solutions

At Knowledge Hub, the JPDS team is committed to delivering these core solutions in pursuit of our mission to build to exceptional scholars across the Sub-Saharan and the world at large.

Research Training

Research is at the core of a successful academic pursuit and making real changes beyond the walls of the ivory tower is hinged on good research. We are dedicated to training researchers on the best approach, right tools and techniques for designing and executing research for academic and professional purposes.

Research Design

At the root of tackling tough challenges in a society is a proper understanding a problem and its the different aspects. This is often achieved through well designed and implemented research. We are poised to help organizations and companies design research and execute research especially in the area of communication and social social sciences.

Facilitating Learning

Armed with the right knowledge, academics and professionals can do much more to advance the course of humanity. On the Knowledge Hub platform, we facilitate knowledge sharing among Jacksonites, academics, professionals and leaders through our blog, podcasts, videos, webinars and discussions.


Mixed-Methods Research Seminar

Many postgraduate students experience daunting challenges in designing their thesis and dissertation research using the most appropriate research methods.  Better training in Mixed Methods Research approaches will help in redressing the situation.

The Seminar is Designed for...

All postgraduate students and academic staff who need more publications in high-impact outlets, as well as those academic and administrative staff who want to develop their skills in action research and management consulting practices.

It's Mixed-Method
Research Time

Recent examples show that Mixed Methods Research has a limitless scope and can be applied in a wide variety of disciplines and professions that include communication, education, health, public affairs, and environmental studies, among others. Tap into the benefits of this research method by gaining with mastery of the Knowledge Hub Seminars.

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Our Team

Our team of mixed method research experts 

Professor Charles Okigbo

Emeritus Professor of Strategic Communications, North Dakota State University, Fargo, USA

Professor Nnanyelugo Okoro

Director of Graduate Research Courses, Mass Communication Department,  University of Nigeria, Nsukka

Professor Joseph Wogu

Head of Department, Mass Communication Department, University of Nigeria, Nsukka