four ways to partner with us

Activities of the Jacksonites Professional Development Series (JPDS)  have been the result of the skills, expertise and hard work of Jacksonites who volunteer their resources and time. As we forge ahead in pursuit of our vision, we even need more resources and partners. We welcome you to partner with us in any of these five ways.

Be a Speaker

You can speak at our quarterly seminar, workshop or be a guest on our podcast.

Write for Us

For a rich and up to date blog, we welcome original, insightful articles in line with our mission.

Promote our Event

You can promote our event by sharing the flyer, sharing our social media posts, giving us free press, and sharing publicity ideas with us.


Our seminars are virtual and we pay for digital tools and talents to ensure effective sessions. Your donation makes that possible and the more you give, the more we can do.